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  1. Does your local cooperative extension do blood work for the fair, or poultry shows? I called an left a message at mine, but the lady wont be back until Thursday. They were doing lots of blood work for the fair birds, so they should test for shows then?
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    Depends, ours do not, you have to go through the NP program or a vet. The extension only does it for our country fair, and I have been told they volunteer for it , thats why its free.
  3. They told me to contact the Dept. of Agriculture and Markets to get the test done. Do they have a person in all of the counties that does it. They are like 2 hours away from me, and I cant drive up their and back to get 1 bird tested. They make it so difficult to do anything.

    Plus, im pretty sure that my vets around here dont do that. They only work with cats, dogs, etc. Not farm animals. Even if they did it would be around $50.00 or up to get it done. Ill see what the Dept. Of Ag and Markets says, and if nobody near me does it, then forget it. Ugh. Such a pain!
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  4. Your ag agent should be able to tell you who is certified to do the testing. We just took our birds to the state fair and they had a TN rep there to do the testing away from all other birds. It was free and not they do not volunteer it is part of their job. If they work for the state they get paid milage for driving in addition to their paycheck. I contacted our who knew nothing then contacted the state vets office who never returned my calls even after several times. So I called the fair board who gave me different names and I called until I found out who is in charge for the state. She called me and said she would test my whole flock after the shows :mad: She still has not called me back to confirm the date she will come test all hens and roosters over the age of 4 months so I can ship if I wanted to do so. We are also doing our local fair which the kids leaving in a few moments to take them to the show and to be tested. And the state lady who does the testing is from 2 hours away.
  5. Quote:Does waterfowl also need to be tested to show them? At my local fairs, the waterfowl didnt have to be tested but the chickens did. And the NPIP place says that they dont test waterfowl.

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