Bloodied beak, pecked eye, and in pain... help?


Mar 30, 2015
At 4am this morning, we ran out to the chicken yard after being awoken by a horrible scream. There was no sign of an intruder, and 6 of the chooks were resting comfortably in the henhouse while our roo and two Ameracauna girls were out in the yard. I got one put back to bed easily, and when I picked the other one up, noticed she was bleeding a bit on the face, so I kept her separated in a kennel.

This morning, I realized just how badly off she was. One eye pecked (I think), and sealed shut. Beak right at her nostrils quite bloody, with blood in her mouth as well. I can NOT for the life of me figure out what happened other than she might have gotten knocked off the roost, hit her head going down, then one of the others noticed the blood and went to town on her. But I know they're practically blind at night, so I'm surprised she would have gotten so badly pecked then. Does that happen?

Anyway, she's in a lot of pain so she's in our laundry room now, taking water + nutridrench via a syringe. No food yet. Anything else I can do for her?

Oh, the roo went CRAZY when I was carrying her out of the yard this morning. He is the gentlest boy I know, but charged me a couple of times. Then tried again when I went back into the yard a couple hours later. He stopped after I pushed him away w/my foot, but is there anything else I should be doing?

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