Bloodwork Numbers Similar to Cats & Dogs at all?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jloc, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Hello, I have a 13-year-old house Pekin duck. I am awaiting an avian specialist but currently my vet is unaware so I am checking to see if anyone can tell me -- should a domestic duck's bloodwork numbers - for liver and kidneys, for example, look anything like that of a dog or cat's? I would not assume so but if the vet would be extremely concerned by the numbers if they were a dog's, should she be concerned if they were a duck's? That is what I am waiting to find out, what normal bloodwork numbers should be for a duck. I took him to the vet in the first place because he suddenly seemed sleepier than normal and was making this sound I have never heard before when he was resting - just a calm, but lower than normal almost clucking noise. Very serene, but definitely lower. He has also lost 1 pound since September. Anyway, they said his fecal matter checked out OK, heart and lungs as well, but did bloodwork to check on kidneys and liver, etc. They got the numbers back and admittedly aren't avian experts so they said while the numbers are alarming in terms of dogs or cats (they did not give me the numbers yet), they are waiting the avian expert they have contacted to call back tomorrow to see if it's actual cause to worry. Have you any idea if these numbers should look even remotely the same as dog numbers? And do any of these issues sound familiar? If anyone at all has any information or can help me, I would be so appreciative. I realize this is an obscure question, most likely. THANK YOU!
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    I found this at Majestic Waterfowl

    I know it's for a goose but it's a start.

    Apparently there are differences.

    Hmmmm, maybe you could contact Majestic and find out if they have the same thing for ducks.

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