Bloody chicken butt!!


5 Years
May 13, 2014
So I just disocvered this. What the heck is it? I’m a little new to the chicken game. I brought her inside and cleaned it the best I could but If I need to isolate her I really don’t know how I could. The hen house isn’t really designed to separate it. Damn this sucks. She’s my fancy foot dark Brahma, my sons favorite.


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I keep them in a dog crate in my basement. with food and water, when that happens.
If you don't have a basement, a garage or glassed porch is fine, just a place she can heal up without getting the injury pecked at (and made much worse).
A big box (with some air holes) would also work, or an old parrot cage or toddler pen. Put an old blanket or towel to cover it. This will help calm her and keep her warmer.

Now, I'm not sure if that is a prolapse or not, but there's a thread here about treatment for these kinds of injuries which is extremely helpful, give me a moment and I'll link it.

Here it is:
It looks to me like she has been pecked and if so she needs to be isolated. A cardboard box will suffice with some ventilation holes punched in the sides until you are able to get something more suitable like a dog crate.
She also looks like her abdomen is swollen. How old is she and what do you feed them? It could be that she is carrying too much fat from a dietary imbalance which can cause a prolapse although I can't specifically see a prolapse now, or it could be that poop has been soiling her feathers and making the skin below her vent raw and caused the other birds to peck at it. Or she may have a reproductive issue that is causing abdominal swelling.
Normally the vent is located on an overhang of the body profile so that poop drops free, but if the bird is carrying too much fat or has some abdominal swelling, the angle of the body below the vent becomes more vertical than the normal sloping angle and poop catches on the feathers below and builds up and irritates the skin which becomes inflamed and either gets torn due to the bird trying to preen it or getting pecked by other birds.
Getting her cleaned up and greased up with some antibiotic ointment is the first step and isolating her to prevent pecking. That skin looks very red which will just invite attention from other beaks.
I have her in the house now but am trying to set up the cage. Having issues with the water dish getting knocked around.

Her actual vent looks pretty clean to me. I opened it a little to see. It’s just really raw around it. I got the vetericyn spray on her now.

That's great! Thank you for updating.
If she can rest up for the night that's a great help.
There seems to be a bulge or swelling, and maybe some peck marks, but if the vent looks intact, that's a good sign.
In the morning, try giving her a warm epsom salt bath, and dry her off, add more vetericyn, and put her back in the cage, covered with a towel.

If you can observe her tomorrow, check on her stance and the way she holds herself and how she breathes.

Look for standing positions, hunching over, puffing up, walking around normally, or does she tip up like a penguin... And if you can see the vent, check if it seems to be straining.
Poor thing. I agree she has been pecked. I also agree she has a swollen abdomen that looks like fatty deposit, but could be something else. I think she might enjoy the epsom salt bath. I don't have anything to add just yet, but I feel you have received good thoughts so far.
Thanks everyone. She’s eating and drinking just fine. Could her skin be swollen because of the constant pecking? I’ll google swollen abdomens.
So she seems to be healing. The blood is drying up etc so I guess it was the picking but what about her swollen abdomen? What could have caused this? She hasn’t laid a egg today yet but there seem to be so many possibilities for a swollen abdomen. Bad thing I’m leaving for VA for work for a couple of days and my wife who is NOT the chicken person in the house has to deal with her. She’s already starting to stink the place up.

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