Bloody comb and parakeets

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Coupla things I have a question about....

    First..we have one flock with a roo on one side of the chain link fence, one roo in a pen and two free range roos on the other side. We have one batnam roo who splits his time between both sides of the fence and the deck.

    The bantam roo with the flock, Iris and the alpha roo, Danielle have apparently been arguing through the chain link fence. Danielle's comb is torn up some [​IMG] has black scratches and bloody scabs on it. What can I put on him to help with that?

    My other question is my parakeets and finches. During the spring, summer and most of fall, we put them on the screened-in side porch for 24/7. Well now we have our bantam roo, Louise staying on the porch at night.
    Weezer sleeps in a pet carrier at night and then spends the day on the deck or in the yard.

    Can I put the other birds and Louise out together? All my birds are healthy....

    I hate that Daniele and Iris are fighting but as it stands, there is no other housing alternative. Sigh.

    Any help would be grand..Thanks!!

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