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    Jan 5, 2015
    Help! I went out the other day to check on my chickens since my husband brought an egg in that had blood on it. When I opened the coop I was horrified. My white hen was all dried blood on her comb, still bleeding, her face and chest. Then I noticed the coop. It looked like a war zone. She was the only one the had injury so I feel the blood must have all come from her.
    We brought her in and cleaned her all up and determined the blood was all coming from the comb. It looked like something/another chicken had basically skinned all the peaks of her comb. They had all gotten along until this time.
    I think I might have helped cause the problem by leaving light bulbs on full time in the coop. I was worried they were cold.
    I have kept her inside for about five days now, only taking her out when I can keep and eye on her. She has had scabs on the bloody comb points. Twice now, I'm sure who the meanie is, I have seen DIngDong reach out, grab her comb point in her beak and pull. This makes the comb begin to bleed again so I bring her back inside.
    We are having below freezing temperatures and I don't want her comb to freeze so I am keeping her inside in a kennel by our coldest back door. The comb seems to be healing but then it gets skinned again since there are scabs formed on it.
    Here are my questions: How long do I wait to take her back out? Until the comb is completely healed with no scabs? I'm worried that by then she will start to get too acclimated to the house, that's why I have taken her out to 'play' the last two days for awhile. The second I leave her unattended she gets bloodied again.
    I used a powdered styptic product that we have for when we cut the dogs toenails. It looks like a scab when dried. It doesn't seem to deter the bully from pecking at her and making her bleed again.
    Thanks for your advice and help
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    If you have room for a dog crate, I would place her back out in the coop in a crate with food and water, or separate her through a plastic netting fence. That way they can get used to her again. I would also take the bully out, and separate her for a week if possible (I realize with the cold, there may not be a lot of options.) Let the injured hen out with the group on supervised times when you are there. Take out the light bulbs if the temps are above 20 below zero. Make sure your coop has not direct drafts, and has some high up ventilation to let out moisture in the air. Iodine or BluKote can be used to cover the scabs on the comb, or leave them alone if you feel they will be pecked more.
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    Jan 5, 2015
    Thank you so much. We have her in the house since the coop isn't set up to have separate areas. I think I have been in too big a hurry to get her back out there. When I am there they are better. I left her a few hours unattended and she got beat up again. I need to keep her in and wait till she is completely healed, as I have read here. Thanks for your support. I am horrified that my girls can be so mean.

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