bloody droppings or intestinal lining? help!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ckw1205, Nov 3, 2010.

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    I recently (four days ago) purchased seven baby chicks from a breeder that I know well...she takes very good care of her stock...three of the chicks had colds and she gave them to us, telling us how to care for them (if we wanted to try to nurse them back to health)...I have kept those three separate from the others. Two of the others are a pair of barred frizzles and then the last two are a pair of cochins...those four are in my garage under lights. The four in the garage (both pr in sep containers) have been acting fine, with no s/s any illness. This morning I went out to check on them and one of the frizzles was pooing what looks to be blood...I have pine shaving in the container, and on those, it looked a bit pink...I think it is b/c it was leaching off onto the wood and making the color appear less bright...SOOO, this leads me to my do I know if it's Cocci or intestinal lining? I've seen the pics on here, mine looks similar to the lining ones, but a bit darker...all formed though as best I could tell. By that, I mean that there were no "pools" of blood...I cleaned the container our and put new shaving last night, so Im sure it just started this am. They have been on medicated chick starter and water with duramycin (at breeders rec d/t the ones being sick and them being transported here together) I have been mixing the duramycin at 1tsp/gal. I know the antibiotic wont treat the cocci. I have read a few posts on there about vinegar and yogurt...if anyone has any info about this tx, pls help me be more informed...other question...corid or sulmet? I found corid at a feed store close...dont know how to mix it though as they said it is generally used for cows. Am I supposed to by it specifically for chickens or use the cow one? HELP!! Also, do I treat my entire flock? I have 19 total...the seven chicks, eight grown birds, and four young silkies. All the chicks have been separated from the other birds the entire time. Thanks for any help...these are our pets and I am so hoping we can save them all...any tips for the ones with colds would be appreciated has "sick" eyes (breeder treated before we left, but they are still matted and weeping)...they are all getting better though.

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    You may have just introduced MG or a similar resp illness to your flock. If so, those that survive will probably be carriers for life and may have recurrent symptoms.

    As for cocci, it is a protozoa found in soil, so if they have never been on anything but pine shavings, not quite sure where they got it. There are several strains of cocci. The only way to be sure which they have is have the stool tested. Corid treats some strains and Sulmet treats others. Can't help you on the dose. Often chickens are treated with meds marketed for other livestock such as cows, though.

    Here is a thread with some more info on respiratory disease in chickens:
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    The intestinal lining that I've found has always been "chunky" for lack of a better word...substance to it. I could pick up pieces of STUFF [​IMG] So personally, I guess I would worry more if it's just liquid blood, rather than bloody looking peices of "stuff." Hope that makes sense... [​IMG]

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