Bloody egg (inside, not outside)

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Ok, I did a search to see if anyone else had this come up, and I didn't find anything, so I'm asking -

Has anyone ever had a blood filled egg ? The egg was "normal" in that it had a yolk and a white, but it was VERY bloody. The white was pretty reddish, and it looked like it had a bit of "meat" or a baby in there.

I check my eggs mutliple times a day and I know it wasn't just an old egg. It was laid, and put into the fridge within a couple of hours.

I was making dinner (fried eggs mmm) and this was the first egg I cracked into the pan. 'Made me wonder if I really wanted eggs, LOL. BTW, this is from my alpha hen - who is a black leghorn and lays VERY large eggs (larger than store bought "large", so I would term them Extra Large). The other eggs I had from her were fine.

Should I be worried? or is this just something that happens every now and then?

Peace -
1st off you can relax.the blood in egg wasnt caused by anything you did.the hen had a blood vessel to burst as she was making the it went into the egg.she should clear up in a few days,an start laying normal eggs again.
Thanks -

I wasn't VERY worried about her - she's been acting ok, except for not laying an egg for three days after that.

I'll just keep an eye on her for a bit.

Peace -

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