Bloody egg shell/vent

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    Have a 1.5 year old RIR hen that has been laying very bloody egg (on shell only) recently. Well the one she laid on Monday was overly bloody and now she stays inside the coop still eats and drinks water but her vent is all bloody and the tissue around the vent looks broken and purple. I brought her in the house on Monday for a bath and a 20 min soak and put antibiotic on and around her vent and made sure she was not being picked on. This evening she was up on the roost early and looked like she hasnt come down all day as her feet are still super clean from her bath on Monday so I am concerned. I have her inside again and she is all puffed up and hunched over with her vent pulsing all the time. I will be able to post some photos of her poo, vent area, and such later. I am thinking about giving her another 20 min soak with more antibiotic cream but want to know if this is something more serious...

    Ever since the super bloody shell on Monday and her evening of pampering, either she is not laying or the antibiotic is lubricating things through? It almost looks like she is having trouble evacuating her vent as the poo is very loose and has blood in it but I think that's from the torn/irritated vent area. Any and all help is appreciated!
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    I'm sorry about your hen. I'm very new to chicken keeping, but I will be watching her progress. Is it possible she laid a larger egg and now she is egg bound? I've read some threads on here where you can give them an aspirin water mix....

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