Bloody egg


Feb 21, 2018
hey guys! My leghorns egg was covered in blood last night. Checker her out this morning. Her vent looks god except when she turns it out there’s like a little blood bubble. It reminds me of a hemorade. What should I do?
Photos would help. More information would also help.

-Is she behaving normally?
-Or is she lethargic?
-Was the egg soft shelled or normal?
-How often does she lay?
-Is she a new layer or older?
-How old is she?
-Does she spend long periods on the nest before finally pushing out her egg?
Hard to get a picture
No she’s fine
Normal shell
6 out of 7 days
New and old (my first layer of the group)
Almost a year old
I’m not sure I do think so. She seems to be in and out about the same amount as the other girls.
I have no clue what you mean by this.

Given that she appears to be normal in every other respect, her bloody egg was probably a one-time event. But you should probably keep an eye on her.
It was to fix what I had say either. Today was another normal egg but no blood.

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