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  1. Its not really an emergency because this egg is 7 days old now, and its not happening anymore, but anyone have any idea what could have caused this in a well aged hen? I've seen a little blood on an egg before, but never this much. Shes still alive and laying like a pro....

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    Sometimes my hens have a little bit of extra shell on their eggs. It kinda feels like sand paper. Maybe she had a really rough egg and it scrapped her insides, causing the bloody egg? [​IMG]
  3. maybe... but this egg was smooth all over. And every egg after that one has been smooth also. I've just never seen this much blood on an egg before. I've seen some on new layers but usually its just a couple of smear marks, nothing major.

    I checked her, she's not injured, and she's laying today, so I'm kinda baffeled as to what would cause this, in this volume.
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    Blood in mucous can smear alot. It doesn't look like much and I don't think there is anything to be concerned with unless you notice consistant bleeding and smears. Eggs are a boilogical product and blood smears happen. Raise chickens long enough and you'll find it is more common than you think.
  5. No it hasn't been constant, so I'm not worried. And it hasn't happened again...

    But this isn't alot? Sheesh... I'd hate to see what a lot really is?

    I about freaked when I found this one. I checked her to make sure her rear end was still attached.

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