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    I am hoping that someone can help me determine what exactly is causing this problem. Some of my girl's have been in a general state of ill-health for quite some time, and after posting some of the 'symptoms' on here, it was suggested that they had internal parasites. I have been saving up for the supplies to worm them, which I will be getting soon. But now I'm worried that something else is going on, a bit more sinister.

    The last two mornings have been particularly worrisome, because there have been a few alarming blood 'eggs'. Not sure what else to call them. I have been getting alot of shell-less eggs on the poop board, but yesterday there was a big glob of blood with the consistency of egg white. Then this morning there was a whole shell-less egg that was full of blood, with a long thick bloody tissue-like thing coming off of it. I also found a tiny blood sack in the nest box. Sorry about the graphics, but there is no other way to explain this. I have no idea which of my girl(s)s are having this problem, and I have no idea what is causing this, as some of them seem fine and are still laying. I feel horrible that I've let it get to this, and I have no idea what to do, I'm such a terrible chicken mom!! I tried to do some research on this, but I can't seem to find anything out. Gosh, could a worm infestation cause this?! I should clarify that these are not bloody poops, but bloody shell-less eggs from what I can tell. This seems to indicate that there is some pretty severe internal hemorrhaging, and I don't know if a wormer will help this, and definitely not quick enough. I have yet to find any local chicken vets, so I can't really take them in anywhere.

    Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated?

    Here are a couple of pics:


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    So, I still don't have any idea who might have done this. Is see no signs of blood or any kind of protrusion from the vent. Other than the conditions they exhibit that I assume are worm related, they are active and alert. This is very sudden, and it happened two nights in a row with the blood. I have never seen this before, and my chickens are two years old. And I don't even know if this is just one hen or more than one hen that are doing this.

    I'm worried that this is something acute, but I'm not sure how to treat it. Should I still follow through with the worming? Could the bloody egg-related tissue be some form of egg-binding? Might they have eaten something sharp that has pierced their insides? Is there any kind of nutritional/supplement support I should be giving when they have bleed internally like this?
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    If all of your hens are doing this then there is a much bigger problem here. I would definitely suggest worming asap. Hope someone else can give you better advice. Sorry your going through this!
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    how many chickens do you have? saving up for wormer...its not that expensive.
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    I'm really sorry that I don't know how to help you but just wanted you to know that I am pulling for you all.
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    No, I know, hence the horrible chicken mommy. I only have 6, but things have been SO tight over this winter that even the $50 or so dollars would be difficult. I had considerd trying one of the natural wormers, which would be around $25, and I was going to order that on Friday. I have been putting garlic in their water for the last two weeks as I was told that would help with worms. None of our local feedstores that I have contacted carry any wormers, so I will need to order online. If you have any recommendations of reasonably priced options, I would greatly appreciate it. I was told that I need to get the Wazine, followed by the Ivermectin? So, for sure it is okay to worm with the bleeding?

    Last week, I cleaned and resanded their roosts, replaced their droppings board, redid their ramps, opened up another window for better daytime light and ventilation, and stirred and mixed in some DE into their shavings. I am exploring what I can do to improve their nestboxes and other coop/run conditions. I have switched to a higher protein feed, and I've been letting them out to free range to get some greens and fresher ground. I really do care about my birds, and I want to do whatever I can to make things right.
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    Wazine is 50 bucks? I bought Ivermec pour on for 17.99
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    i always recommend flubenvet for worms.....its an all round wormer (kills gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm) and theres no egg withdrawel period.
    after doing some research ive found a supplier in the usa (many people in the past have had problems getting it over there but these guys have it)
    a bit more pricey than some wormers but it gets all the different worms, not just one sort
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    That wormer sounds great. I checked into it and it is not approved for sale in the U.S. I checked out that peticious web site and their site says they sell it and it is shipped from the U.K. But it is illegal for them/anyone to sell/ship to the U.S. Not sure why, it sounds like a wonderful medication for the chickens. [​IMG]


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