Bloody Eggs


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
Franklin CT
I am fairly new at keeping chickens. We have accumulated a small flock of 18 hens and one rooster (mostly to maintain the pecking order and warn off predators)...
Some of the hens we picked up yesterday from a woman who wanted to "downsize" her flock. They are thin, pecked bald in some places and very skiddish.
We are working on getting them a more healthy environment and food sources...
Today when I went out to collect our eggs, there was three in one nesting box... One seemed to be coated in blood. The rest were clean... We got a total of 11 eggs today, and only one was bloody.
I tried to check out "my girls" and everyone seems to be ok... but I am wondering if there is a logical explanation or something I should be looking for.
They are adjusting VERY nicely to their new home and new friends... we have been able to gain SO MUCH information through this forum. We have tried several different ideas that have made the transition easier for everyone. Thanks to everyone here for your unknown help and support!!

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