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    Jul 7, 2010
    I noticed this am one of my hens w/ a bloody foot, I think her foot got caught in the coop door.

    Should I be overly concerned? I dont know if its just got a cut/scratch or if she lost the toe. it seemed to bleed/stop/bleed/stop/etc.

    at one point, she had raised it to keep pressure off. it tried putting her in a laying box to keep the pressure off but she jumped back out.

    This was about 1130, its now close to 3. Im going to go check on her later, but wanted some advice before i go there.

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    Wash the foot, apply neosporin to the affected area., Wrap the area with gauze and secure with tape.

    Take the bandage off in 3-4 days if she hasn't already.[​IMG]
  3. Cochin378

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    Aug 12, 2010
    First I would go check the chicken and see what exactly is wrong with its foot. If there is something wound with the foot I would thoroughly disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. Then I would take the foot and cover it with bleu kote or neosporen. After that I would bandage it tightly and put the bird in its own separate cage with food. If you leave the bird in the coop the wound is either going to get infected or pecked at by the other birds. Hopefully my advice helps you.

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