bloody mucus on outside of egg

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    I need some advice, One of my hens for the past two days has layed an egg with a bloody mucus on it. I looked at the hen and she has a bloody discharge on her rear but has no visible signs of prolapse.

    I broke open the egg and there are no signs of blood in the egg and it was fertilized. I cleaned the hens backside( did not want the other hens pecking at the blood and further hurting her) and saw signs of blood around the opening. when I set her down outside she squatted and discharged mucus.
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    My hen had really similar systems. Two mornings ago I went to let the hens out and saw that the egg hole (sorry for the incorrect terminology) was open to the size of an egg and all bloody. I put her in a pen by herself and the egg hole, vent I think is what it's called, had all closed up and the blood was all dried. Her hole was still puckered out but did not look like there was anything coming out of it. Yesterday it stayed that way all day and looked better. This morning when I let her out I noticed it was bloody and almost slimmy looking today. I was thinking great this is it, I was wondering if I should put her out of her misery. Then I just went and checked on her and she laid an egg and the blood on her rear is all dried so now I am wondering if it is something internally.

    Could your hen of had a similar thing happen where perhaps it was a very minor prolapes and now every time she lays an egg it starts bleeding again? Sorry I have no solutions to your problem and was thankful when I saw your post so I can follow it too!

    Good Luck!
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