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  1. tazcat70

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    This happened on Sunday. I have a bird that was pecked until he started to bleed. As soon as I saw it I pulled him out and he is now in isolation. I have put triple antibiotic ointment on him (is that ok?) and I want to know if I should increase anything in his diet to help him recover faster. He is doing fine, eating, drinking, and pooing all seem normal. His back has already started to heal. [​IMG]

    I really need to get my chicken first aid kit together, as it is I just used my human one. [​IMG]
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    Sep 18, 2007
    The anitbiotic oinment is fine. I would add black oil sunflower seeds to his diet to aid in the feather growth. Not much more you can do. Good luck when you reintroduce him.
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    It's gotta be the time of year!

    The sun's coming up earlier and setting later (finally)

    And they're itching to get out and rummage for things in the leaves we missed...

    This just happened to Penny last Friday. Obelisk pecked her feathers off and was going for the meat on her back next.

    I washed her off with soap and water, put some hydrogen peroxide, let that dry and then used WoundKote. I couldn't find my BetterBitters or I would've used that too.

    Cat food is good for the extra protein..Mealworms too.
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    When that happens to my birds, I seperate them. I don't put any kind of ointment on them. I keep them seperated until they heal, then I move them back.
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    *that's why I started the first-aid kit thread, to find out what e/body favors, & those that haven't occured to me yet.
  6. tazcat70

    tazcat70 I must be crazy!

    Thank you all! I am getting them some mealworms tomorrow. They LOVE them and they are so fun to watch when they eat them.

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