bloody pin feathers?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
south eastern, ID
So i went out and turned on the heat light for my chickens everyone was fine. Then I ran back out to check for eggs (they freeze is they stay out all night) and i noticed some blood on a hens foot. Upon a closer look i didn't see anything right off, other than blood on her one wing. It was dry blood, but it looked like maybe she had some broken feathers on her wing. i tried to get a good look at it, but she was having none of it. Do feathers on the wing bleed? what should i do for it? I wonder what happened to her.
Blood feathers bleed if they are disturbed. It doesn't take much to disturb them, either. As long as the blood is not fresh, I would just Blukote the area to hide the blood traces and let her be. She may have gotten pecked by another bird and it broke open a blood feather. It happens. It's not usually a big deal unless it continues to bleed. If the feather continues to bleed you will need to either pluck the feather, or use styptic gel and pressure to stop it.

Good luck.

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