Bloody poo and clear discharge

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    I’ve had 8 out of 18 chicks die in the last two days. They have all been covered in bloody poo. They’re all around 8 weeks old. However, it seems to be spreading to my older chicks (around 11 weeks) who are separated from the smaller chicks as the small ones are in a cage within the main enclosure. The older ones have bloody poo and a crop full of clear liquid which I’ve tried to drain. I believe it’s cocci but unsure. Any diagnosis or potential treatment would be appreciated.
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    You do not need to be absolutely certain to treat for cocci. In fact, it's often best to go ahead and treat with Corid or whatever brand amprolium you have available to you, then if you wish to be certain you have a cocci outbreak, send a random flock stool sample to a lab for a fecal float test. (Gather the sample before you begin Corid treatment, though, or it may be negative.)

    It sure sounds as if you have a cocci outbreak.
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