Bloody poo in newly adopted adult RI Red

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  1. Katydid

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    Jul 22, 2010
    Hey there,
    I'm a proud one-day-old chicken mama, but now I fear I've jumped in the deep end too soon. She's our first bird, and I haven't been around chickens a whole lot so the distinction between normal and chicken-funny and unhealthy is not clear. She's not very vocal, and she's walked and pecked around the yard but not much, and now is doing more sitting. She spent the night in a cat carrier (and the past day if not several days wandering...) and I cleaned out some poo that was bloody and some that seemed normal to me; I ran a few-hour errand and came back and there was normal-ish poo in the carrier but as soon as I let her out there was poo that resembled raspberry jam.
    Help! Thanks!

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