bloody poop and listless chicks. HELP

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  1. theron

    theron Theron's Fowl Farm

    Nov 15, 2009
    Midland, MI
    We have had 4 chicks die in the past month. They were fine one day and dead the next. They all were very listless as well.
    1) What type of bird , age and weight.

    1 polish chick, 1 duccle chick, 1 salmon faverolle chick, 1 serama chick. 4 have died. 2 other serama chicks still alive.

    2) What is the behavior, exactly.

    Both serama chicks still alive are somewhat listless and just stand in one spot for a while.

    3) How long has the bird been exhibiting symptoms?

    The serama chicks have been showing symptoms for a week or so. The other chicks that have died showed symptoms for about 2 to 3 weeks

    4) Is there any bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma.


    5) What happened, if anything that you know of, that may have caused the situation.

    We had gotten some chicks from a swap and we isolated them for over a month. The ones that have died never seemed that active from the beginning.

    6) What has the bird been eating and drinking, if at all.

    The chicks have been eating flock raiser from purina and drinking just fine.

    7) How does the poop look? Normal? Bloody? Runny? etc.

    The poop for all of the chicks has been normal except for a few specks of blood and more moist not as firm.

    8) What has been the treatment you have administered so far?

    vitamins and electrolytes in the water

    9) Describe the housing/bedding in use

    pine shavings as bedding and sprinkled mite dust

  2. usschicago1

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Taunton, MA
    Since there is basically no blood in the poop i would say newcastle. But it could also be cocci because it is tricky with symptoms. Another thing is there young, another indicator in cocci. I would look up both diseases if i were you. I would keep them on the vitamins and electrolytes and treat with corid.
  3. theron

    theron Theron's Fowl Farm

    Nov 15, 2009
    Midland, MI
    im pretty sure its cocci. is their some household item like yogurt or vinegar to solve the problem? I dont have use of my car so thats why im asking.
  4. PunkinPeep

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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
    You might be able to ease their discomfort and help them get better with milk products like yogurt, but Corid is a really good idea.

    Since they've been sick this long, and there really isn't bloody poop, i'm not sure.

    How old are they?

    How long have they been at your house?

    How long have they been on your ground?
  5. dmccann

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    Jul 19, 2009
    darlington pa
    My Coop
    Corid works, doing research hold back the vit.while giving corid. do not overdose. do not put vingar in water when treating with corid. I learned the hard way it hit my young hens, and i lost one. After treating with corid for 5 days they are doing good. good luck
  6. geebs

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Because of the duration I recommend Sulmet and Terramyacin simultaneously... This can help if a secondary infection shows up.

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