BLOODY POOP! I'm really worried! :(


9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
I woke up this morning to find a big red splotch on the bottom of my silkie rooster's cage. It didn't look like bloody poop (poop mixed with blood). I was just a splotch pure, red blood, although it looked thick in consistency. The second I let him out of his cage, he immediately pooped but it was normal (green bits with sticky clear liquid). I feed him bread every day and try to change his water bowl when I can. He's the only one at home so I don't think he could have gotten any diseases from other chickens. Besides, this seems to be the only time, but I'm still worried. What could be the problem?
Agree, coccidiosis. And if you're seeing bright red blood, the intestines are being compromised. He needs Corid, Amprol or Sulmet asap. Check out your local feed store or Tractor Supply to obtain some.
How old is he? Bloody poo can be cocci and it does kill quickly if not treated, but it doesn't really sound like that is what is going on. If all you're feeding him is bread then the first thing you should do is get him on a better diet (flockraiser, gamebird feed, or even layer feed) because bread has very little nutritonal value for a chicken--they like it well enough, it's just not good for them. Is it possible that he injure his comb and that is where the blood came from? Can you post a picture of the bird and/or the blood and stool?

How old is your rooster? It's pretty rare that a full grown chicken would suffer from cocci. Sometimes I get a grown chicken that poops reddish poops and its fine. Have you ever wormed him?
My rooster is over 2 years old. He's always been a feisty one and the second I let him out, he just went around trying to peck at me. He didn't seem listless.
Sorry, I totally missed the comment that you're only feeding him bread. That is certainly an issue and not a balanced diet for a chicken. Also, "changing water when you can" is pretty unclear too. He should have fresh water each and every day and 24/7, along with free choice poultry feed. Thank you to the person who mentioned this. These are critical aspects of raising any living animal.
KITTYMAMA! I remember you from your egg avatar! Is that you? And I loved that egg pic...why did you remove it?

Yes poster, feed him chicken feed...and that doesn't mean corn. I would get a bag of chick starter 20% if he free ranges.
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