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bloody poop? need medicated feed???

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by smcdermott, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. smcdermott

    smcdermott Chillin' With My Peeps

    Dec 9, 2014
    Central Fl
    Hi guys,

    Is this a little bit of blood in my fluffy babies poop? Looks like it to me.
    And the farm store said I didn't need medicated starter feel with only 2 chicks. BUT, everything I read says I do. ???

    These are my first 2 chicks and they came from a less than desirable place and I know they weren't inoculated.

  2. smcdermott

    smcdermott Chillin' With My Peeps

    Dec 9, 2014
    Central Fl
  3. Michael Apple

    Michael Apple Overrun With Chickens

    Mar 6, 2008
    Northern California
    Get yourself some Corid (Amprolium) as soon as you can. It is sold in a 9.6% liquid or a 20% powder. Most feed stores carry it.

    Dosage for 9.6% liquid is 2 tsp/10 ml per gallon of water for treatment.
    Dosage for 20% powder is 1.5 tsp per gallon of water for treatment.

    Treat for 7 days, making a fresh drinking solution each morning. After the 7th day use a poultry vitamin-probiotic like Sav-A-Chik or something similar for 2-3 days.

    It is a good idea to use a water soluble poultry vitamin in water 2-3 days a week and poultry probiotic 1 day a week through the growth stage. Once a month, use Corid as a preventative at half the dose I mentioned above until pullets are 7-9 months of age. You'll be glad you did to assist them with immunity.. Never mix vitamins and Amprolium together in water.
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