bloody poop - planning to butcher Sunday - OK to eat?

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    Jan 27, 2009
    So I have five cornish that we're planning to butcher on Sunday (about 2 weeks later than we wanted to, but the weather's been pretty crappy). Now one of them appears to have developed bloody poop overnight - I found three different poops that had blood in them. From reading, I'm guessing it's worms or coccidosis.... and I'm not particularly interested in treating them, but am I wondering if they would still be safe to eat, or what our best course of action is.

    Additionally, I have a box full of chicks that are ready to go outside, and we were planning to put them in the same pen. (I mean, our options are rather limited in our backyard.) Is there anything I can do to disinfect the ground? I will clean out and bleach the house, but what about their yard?

    Thanks much.

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