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  1. eschlotz

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    Sep 2, 2015
    I just watched one of my chicks die. it was awful. she was fine all day. i just looked in brooder and she was bleeding all over. so i took her out and she had a hard lumpy bloody mass out her butt. she was only 3 weeks old. i am thinking it was her vent. they are on medicated starter feed and i have been giving pro biotic. now i am worried for the rest of the flock and i have 4 ducks as well (different brooder) I am so upset This is my first time. I am still crying
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Are all of the chicks the same age, or are there some older? The chick could have had a prolapsed vent, and when others see red they will peck at it and actually cannibalize another chick. If you have older chicks in there you might want to separate them. Also look for any blood in droppings that could be a sign of coccidiosis. That is an intestinal disease that is treated with Corid. I'm sorry for your loss. Here is some info about cocci:

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