1. I have some Chicks and yesterday, all of them had bloody poop I think. Today only one or two has it. This has happened before. A couple will have bloody poop for about 2-3 days and then it goes away. I thought it was cocci at first, but then it went away. Now a week or two later it's back, and decreasing again. I sometimes wonder if it's stress. The first time they had gone outside a few days before and I couldn't let them out again cause it was cold, and they really loved it outside. Now yesterday I had a chick die. I think she had smaller than usual or tied up intestines. She was badly constipated. I tried so many different things, but she would always clog back up. She almost always has ruffled feathers, her eyes closed, would almost never lay down, and would hardly ever poop but when she did it was way to small for a chick her size. So does anyone know why my chicks are pooping blood for a few days then it goes away? I know it is not intestinal lining lol:)
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    It's a simple thing to mix up some liquid Corid or amprolium in the drinking water and do it fresh each day for five days. In a week, repeat. Cocci are parasites. Your chicks may have them but are managing to cope, as evidenced by the ebb and flow of the blood in the stools.

    It hurts nothing to treat them for coccidiosis. Not treating could end up costing you chicks.
  3. Awesome thanks! Yesterday looked like bloody murder everywhere and today there was hardly any. Its so weird lol!

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