1. ShariChickabee

    ShariChickabee New Egg

    Aug 12, 2010
    My pullets are now all about 20 weeks old and laying their first eggs. (We have Barred Rocks 6 hens and 2 roos - 1 delaware hen - 1 RI white hen and 1 lavender cochi hen. They were all raised together with me on medicated chick starter for cocci. One of them (not sure which one) has blood in poop and sometimes runny bloody poop. There are absolutely no other symptoms. They are all full of energy, eating and drinking well, etc. A couple of their combs are slightly floppy but other than that I cannot find any other symptoms.

    Should I start them all on some medication? If so, which medication and how much should be given? Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

    This is our first batch of chickens. They have very clean quarters. I use oxine, food grade DE, and Sevin dust for sanitation and pest control. They are free range 24/7 with a nice coop and run that they go in every evening like clockwork at sundown. The doors are always open, at least for now in the heat of the summer. They are in my fenced back yard and I have 3 dogs so we have not had a problem with predators yet.T

    Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!!!


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