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    Hi everyone,[​IMG]

    I have been wanting to ask this and just getting around to it. A little nervous because I see alot about ciocci and it appears to be so deadly. I clean poop off of bars/shelves every morning and I do notice on occasion some sloppy poo with blood in it. This has gone on for quite some time and I always thought maybe it was the heat. Thankfully no one appears to be sick and I have not lost any chicks to sickness in quite some time. I now have 31 chickens in the hen house (12x12) and I could never narrow down to who had the messy poo. They all get out to roam the yard about noon time, after ladies have layed, and following them around all day would be difficult. How do you know if it is something serious BEFORE anyone dies? Are there any other signs? Can you treat all? Will I then loose all of my eggs? We have had chicks for about three years and only had two that died of sickness unknown to us. Both sort of lethargic and not eating/drinking. We just put them down and ended their misery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS![​IMG]
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    If it has been a while and no one seems sick, they could just be shedding their intestinal lining. That is normal, but it could be a serious problem, too. If it is the chicks that get sick, maybe you have carriers in your flock that infect them? But, hopefully not! I hope someone can help you. [​IMG]

    Check this out, maybe it will help:
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    yea but it might a egg broken in her if the rooster riders her 2 hard he will break the egg mine killed one allready
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    If you even suspect Cocci, get over to your MFA or whatever you have by you, get some Corid and administer RIGHT AWAY! Cocci kills fast. Look for lethargy, huddling, puffed up with eyes closed while standing, no interest in food or water. I think that I did not catch it soon enough which is why I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Have lost two 4 week old buffs in the last three days and have a 3rd in my arms right now trying to nurse her back to health....I don't think I'm gonna win this one either. [​IMG]

    Goodness knows what I'll find out in the barn this morning.

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