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    May 2, 2012
    Yesterday we found a frankly bloody poop on the sidewalk. Everyone acts ok except one chicken that has been lying around and one guinea who started walking backwards yesterday. We have 5 guineas and 4 chickens. They all were raised together and are the same age (born in April). We just got a rooster and hen that are younger than these but not sure how much younger. The two new chickens have been separate from the rest of the flock since arrival 10 days ago. Took the poo to the vet who confirmed coccidiosis and told us to get medicated feed and something to put in their water. I am gonna treat all of them but here is my question--my flock is normally free range. If I keep them cooped and treat them, what is gonna keep them from getting it again? We also are visited by 3 guineas who live up the road as well as wild turkeys in the woods behind our house. We are new to the chicken thing but they are pets to us and we don't want to lose anyone. Any suggestions?
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    Chickens generally develop an immunity to the coccidia present in their environment. If a chicken moves to a new home and is exposed to a strain she has not previously met up with then she may develop a case of coccidiosis. So once you treat your flock and get the current problem under control your hen should have had time to develop resistence. If a hen has underlying health issues and a weak immune system then it's possilble for her to have problems again.

    Go with the Corid in their water, it treats more strains of coccidia. Some feed stores will try to sell you Sulmet, it does not treat but a couple of strains of cocci and is very hard on the birds.
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