Bloody stool but acting fine!

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    Jun 4, 2011
    This is my first year raising chicks. I started off with a few silkies, and hunt around for others to add to my just starting back yard flock. I have gotten a few additional started chicks along the way from NPIP certified stock and/or organically raised stock. All the parent flocks seem to be healthy and thriving. That being said, when I get the new chicks home I quarantine them for a few weeks and start giving them water with some apple cider vinegar (the kind with sediment) to it and the crumbles mixed with crushed Ultra Kibble, some food grade diatomaceous earth, and a little powdered milk. During the first day I always notice bloody stool, not shed intestine looking, but almost a semi-coagulated glob:sick. I freaked out the first time it happened when I brought home new chicks and watched for anything weird, but all seemed fine and it didn't happen again. After 3 days or so they all started to get small, firm, healthy looking stools. Fast forward a few weeks and this happened again yesterday when I brought a couple more started chicks home. The poos are already looking normal. Is it the apple cider vinegar detoxing the chicks? Everyone seems healthy. Oh, and I don't use medicated chick crumbles because I also have several wild ducks that have taken to breaking in and eating the "original" flocks feed. The original silkies have never had anything like this happen to them, but I have raised them from day old chicks. Now everyone is between 6 and 8 weeks old. Any thoughts?[​IMG]

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    There is a long range of "normal" stool, and if it dissapears within the day your chicks are probably fine.
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