bloody wound on head of 10 week white leghorn

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    When we went out to let the birds out of the house this morning, one of our 10 week old white leghorns had gotten out of the area where we keep them at night and managed to get stuck between the plastic sheeting and chicken wire at the bottom of the coop. She was squawking when we got out there so we immediately pulled the plastic sheeting open and she hopped out with a bloody tear on the back of her head/neck. We aren't sure if one of our older BR's hurt her or if she got her head stuck in the wire somehow. She had to have flown out of the area where we put the little ones at night but we don't know how long she was out.

    Anyway she has a tear that's about 1/2 inch long on the back of her head. At first it was bleeding badly but we washed it as best we could and slathered it in neosporin. It hasn't bled since and we put her in a cage with straw in the bottom and then isolated her in our greenhouse which is heated. This evening she was up and moving around and eating and drinking just fine. Her eyes are bright and she is talkative.

    Is there anything else we can do for her? How long should we keep her away from the other birds? How long should it take for a wound like this to heal?

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    Once it is clean I would spray it with Blue Cote. That will keep the others from pecking at the wound. Once they can't see blood you can put her back in.


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