BLR bantam Wyandottes from Purely Poultry

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    I've ordered their bantam Wyandottes before...have two blues and one Columbian (sold the rest, as I wanted to try out other breeds too). The Columbian's hackle markings were kinda bad, but it's to be expected in hatchery birds. She molted and the markings came back in MUCH better, though they aren't perfect. All of my hens are pretty however and these are pet birds, so I don't expect perfection.

    I had originally ordered BLR's from them when I ordered the ones I mentioned. I got a call back before my shipping date saying production was low though, so I'd have to go with another color and I went with the blue.

    I was wondering though, has anyone ordered BLR bantam Wyandottes from them and if so, how is the lacing? I realize I'm not gonna get anything perfect from a hatchery, but if it's at least half way decent, I wouldn't mind. I'm kinda leaning more toward getting buff, but was just curious about the BLR.

    If anyone could provide pics of their bantam BLR's from Purely Poultry too, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks! [​IMG]

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