BLR Wyandotte Roo for pullet or duck Hope Mills NC

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Aug 17, 2012
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My Coop
We have a BLR Wyandotte roo, Bonnie Blue, that we would like to trade for a pullet or female duck (Pekin, Rouen, Silver Appleyard, Buff or Blue Swedish) of similar age. We want to trade with someone who will not eat him as he has been raised as a pet. He is about 23 weeks old, has been crowing for only about 2 weeks and still only has nubs for spurs. He lives with both chickens and ducks. He is easily handled and submissive, although you have to catch him first. We have had no illnesses in our flock. He has been covering 2 females he was raised with but recently has started covering the lower order ducks. We would keep him but we have a somewhat special needs duck and can not have him covering her, he has recently turned his eye to her. PM me if interested.

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