BLRW, BBS Orp, Marans & Olive Egger hatching eggs - prices include shipping! READY TO SHIP 2/21!

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    I have the following available (all prices include shipping!):

    Marans & Olive Eggers (can ship weekly beginning 2/21) - $24/dozen
    BBS Orpington
    (can ship weekly beginning 2/21) - $36/dozen
    (ship date of 2/27) - $48/dozen

    On average, shipments will have 16 eggs. I have had VERY little problems with packaging/shipping so far, but I want to make sure you have the best opportunity to hatch as many chicks as possible. Of course, I cannot be responsible for how the USPS handles your hatching eggs, but please let me know the condition of the eggs when they arrive and how they hatch and I am willing to work with buyers on a case-by-case basis.

    All shipments will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Payment is via PayPal. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    MARANS and OLIVE EGGERS: My Marans and olive egger pen has the following: SC Marans and olive egger roo over 2 wheaten Marans, 2 SC Marans, 1 black Marans, 2 BBS Ameraucanas, 2 Easter eggers, 1 olive egger. This pen's eggs are very colorful! You have the option of having the mixed Marans eggs in with the OE eggs, or just OE eggs. Excellent fertility and hatch rate!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    BBS ORPINGTON: This pen has a blue roo over a blue, a black and a splash hen. There is some English Orp blood in this pen, so the babies are huge and fluffy! Excellent fertility and hatch rate!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    BLRW: I've spent several years building up my BLRW flock, and, while these birds are still a work in progress, they are BEAUTIFUL! I'm adding new blood this year, but even with the bloodlines I already have, these birds are already very nice. Of course, I'm a sucker for all 'blue' birds, but the lacing on these birds really makes them stand out. Add to that the "fluff" factor, with nice, round hens, and it's a beautiful flock!

    Please bear with my pictures...I'm still learning how to be a poultry photographer :)...and yes, there is a duck in the pen :)
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