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    I have a flock of Blrw's. I bought these as day old chicks from Blue Poultry last year. Early this spring I started hatching chicks and have about 60 now. I have Splash, blue and black laced varieties I'm breeding with. I have 6-8 young birds that appear to be golden laced. There is no other breed in this coupe so no chance of cross breeding. Do or can his lines throw a golden laced bird? The birds are definatley not blrw's. The ones in question are gold and black with the tail being black with that greenish sheen to it. Maybe I can get a picture tomorrow and post up. Let me know what you guys think.
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    the background color can vary in intensity and shade. Some years ago, I have read on here that golden laceds were crossed in, and from time to time you get that light background color popping back up here and there. The fact that it happens in a black laced bird is just coincidental. Look over the rest of your flock and try to ignore the BBS, and pull the ones that are too light. From sixty birds it sounds like you have a great flock to choose from. There ought to be some real winners in there, some real culls, and a whole bunch of "pretty nice" birds in between. I look forward to seeing pics. I have been thinking about starting a BLRW breeding thread myself, as I have some questions I'd like to ask about my own birds.
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