BLRW Chicks - about 5 weeks old - 3 died in last 2 days - Suggestions?

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  1. I have 19 Blue Laced Red Wyndots. We lost 1 yesterday and we thought it just ended up on the bottom of all the birds cuddling up to sleep but then today I lost two more. One this morning and one in early afternoon. My daughter went outside to seperate the chicks from the rest of the birds to bring them in the house. She went inside to get a cage and back out in about 10 min. and the 2nd for today had died.

    Could this be Heat Related. It is about 85 degrees but the chicks are in dog kennels that are covered in tarps for shade. The sides are open and they have plenty of water. All the rest of my chickens are find. Only the 3 BLRW's have died.

    Any Ideas???
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    Where the ones that died thin at all? Have you checked poo for possible signs of coccidia? ( Blood will only show during last stages typically.) Some chicks appear listless, fluffed up in a cornor, pale... some fine just losing weight.
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    You don't say how old they are, if you just got them, etc. Not enough information to form a hypothesis.
  4. Quote:Poo looks fine, no blood. They are actually 6 weeks old and I have had then for about 4 weeks. I don't think they are loosing weight they are getting bigger. Some are growing faster than others. I don't know what coccidia is. I have one sitting here with me who is all fluffed up, wings are hanging. It is eating and drinking and chirping, but just sitting here. not really moving much. I added duramycin to his water to be safe but if it is Coffidia how do you treat it?

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