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    Jun 28, 2009
    Hello everyone,
    *I really hope that i am posting this in the right catagory*

    Well, it has just been determined that my BLRW "pullet" is actually a boy. I recently spotted him trying (at least i think this is what he was doing) to mate one of my RLS.
    Somewhat odd question, but what would the chicks be like if they were a hatchery quality BLRW and RSL cross? [​IMG] He seems to favour this one pullet over the others.
    I doubt that i will be hatching (as much as i wish i could) but just in case somone goes broody [​IMG]

    Possible Mommy RSl

    Dad BLRW
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    Jun 30, 2008
    Males will tend to favor one hen, sometimes a few. That one hen will get ridden continuously, more than the others, so I'd watch him to make sure he is A) Not being too rough, and B) Not mounting her too often. That would result in feather loss on the head, back, and shoulders. He will mate with the other hens, but will favor this one.

    I'm not sure as to the color of the chicks. I know that when I crossed my black Ameraucana roo over my comet hens, the resulting chicks were mostly white with black smudges. Don't know how the white of the hen factors in this equation. But if you get no replies, message Illia. You might want to change your thread name to "color of BLRW over RSL cross".

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