BLRW this good lacing?

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Apr 20, 2008
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I got this little one free from Amy and I would like opinions on it please. I have NO clue what a young bird should look like so any opinions will be welcomed
This little one is about 6-8 weeks old i'm guessing.
I'm no expert - still in the early learning stages myself, but I can say that lacing is something you can't judged early. It changes tremendously. I have 3 lines that include about 50 birds between 8 and 22 weeks old and the pattern has changed greatly since they were young and seems to continue to change as new feathers grow in.

From what I understand, it changes again after their first molt, so it's a long time before you can truly evaluate the pattern. That said, your bird's pattern looks reasonable compared to other birds I've seen that age.

The most important trait to cull for is body-type. Out of 15 cockerels over 17 weeks old I've only got one that looks like it's got good potential for the true wyandotte body-type. Personally, I wouldn't worry about pattern until after you get a bird that looks like it's got the wyandotte shape.
Thanks much...That is good to know and never thought they changed that much so I'm glad I asked. I'm not really planning on breeding them at all but just was curious. I have five...looks to be two boys and three girls and just wanted some color in my flock of laying hens so thought these guys would be a good addition
Thanks for the opinion!
Of the blrw's i have raised so far, i think that one has very nice coloring. I had some that were not as pretty as that one, but grew to be beautiful. Then, like McSpin said, they got even more beautiful after the first real molt at just over a year.
So i think that one will be a very beautiful hen
Lurky, I'm glad you think it's a hen because that's what I was thinking compared to another one I had that had some red waddles growing already. I prayed for 4 hens and a roo but looks like I am getting 2 roos and three hens. Can't beat that really. They all look like this when it comes to the lacing. Anyone want a BLRW roo??? FREE
I'll have to get some pics from this weekend. We have 78 total birds going to the show...5 of which are the standard BLR wyndottes. This would be the older siblings and parents to the ones you have. I have 2 cockerels, 1 pullet and 2 of the older hens in condition. These are sooo easy compared to the 44 silkies I have to bathe this week. Amy
It looks like a pullet to me too..I have 3blrw and one is a roo around 20-22 weeks and he is crowing now with very red waddles and a comb. The girls have barley anything.
Amy let me know how those do at show. I am SO bummed I can't be there like I had planned
Even more bummed I can't add to my silkie group
I am heading to the neillsville show for a few hours this sat

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