BLRW, Maran (various colors), and Silkie Hatching eggs wanted!!


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I live on a small farm and I'm looking to add some new hens to our farm. Although I'd like to, I can't add TOO many birds to the farm, but I WOULD like to add several different varieties. I would be looking for a number of eggs somewhere between 12 and 20, but not much more than 20 eggs. I would really like a variety of eggs of different colors from the breeds mentioned above, but I am willing to negotiate! My *ideal* would be Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Marans in multiple colors (wheaten and BBS copper being my favorites), and Silkies in blue/black/splash. With any of these birds except the BLRW I wouldn't mind getting other colors, as those are simply my IDEALS. I know this is a bit of an odd combination of birds... but I really love these breeds, and would absolutely adore having a nice spread of them running around my farm! While I do see adds for the above breeds in the Buy Sell Auction section for hatching eggs, usually they are for a dozen eggs each, and with shipping costs added on, it's simply too much for my budget. If I could get these breeds from a single seller, I would be SO grateful, and so excited!!

Thanks for reading!

I have the different colors of marans from blue coppers to splash, blue and black.
I have a splash auction right now going on too.
Try contacting cowgirl75446 here ony BYC. I believe she sells all three of your ideal bird hatching eggs. I've bought from her, through auction, a couple of times. Marans due to hatch in 3 days that came from her.
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