Blrw roo or hen 4 weeks old


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I see 2 for sure cockerels in the bunch.. The white one might be a roo too but i'd need a better pic of him. Also, your BLRW looks a bit like a golden laced wyandotte.. Where did you get these chicks from?
too young. Please post more photos of the bodies and combs in a few weeks. Also the first chick is a proper blue laced red, the blue will lighten as she grows up and molts. A lot of people call the splash laced reds "blue laced red" , but as a breeder myself I can say there is a difference, blues have blue lacing, splash laced has white lacing due to 2 copies of the diluted gene
This is a blue laced red pullet at 7 weeks

IMG_3196.JPG IMG_3204.JPG
And this is the same girl at 18 weeks old.
As you can see the blue laced red chicks change a lot, the blue lightens and the red grows in.
In saying that, one of your chicks is a blue laced red and the others are gold laced and silver laced. All very pretty :)

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