BLRW surprise - gender?


Mar 1, 2021
Downeast Maine
Well, here I am on the hen-or-roo thread, because I'm too impatient to just wait another several weeks and see!
My surprise chick, the apple of my eye, is a Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte. I've always figured, being a surprise, the odds of them being a rooster were pretty high. I've never had a BLRW before so I just don't know enough about what the different stages look like - and I don't have any others to compare this one to.

These photos are from yesterday, 9 weeks old. Compared to my two Brahma roo chicks of the same age, this one doesn't seem to have the same behaviors or the same upright stance, but I'm not sure how much breed factors in there.



(Bonus shot of my Barred Rock's fluffy pantaloons)

If I've ended up with three cockerels instead of two I will definitely need to start planning for a little bachelor flock! Thanks all :)

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