S n M Poultry

14 Years
Aug 31, 2007
I heard that if you cross a SLW with a GLW that you get a BLRW. Is this true? Also i have a buff laced polish X golden laced polish eg in my bator. What color do you think it will be?
No, that is not true, the only way you can get BLR is by breeding BLR. If the bird was silver laced as in splash laced and you crossed it to a golden laced, you would get blue laced golds. The gene for gold and red(mahogany) are different things. If you want BLR, just buy some from a good breeder. Also the polish egg will more than likely be a bird that is buff laced looking with some black, I think, depends on what parent was what color. For more help go here they can help with all your questions.

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