Blue Ameraucana: Rooster?


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
Memphis TN
Cynthia here is that Blue Ameraucana. This Thursday he/she will be 6 weeks old.


It's Ok she is actually a friend and she called and said she wanted an awesome rooster so I said no problem, I think he will do just fine for her. She has 25 pullet chicks so I may try to talk her into the splash orpington as well. That way they can all grow up together.
She has enough girls, certainly, but if she has any smaller breeds, the Orp will be large for them. Those boys are not lightweights! The Ameraucana will be a nice weight, not too big for most any standard hen of any size.
Well, that boy is an unusual one for most people to have. A man came into the feedstore on Saturday and immediately fell for one of Suede's blue sons, 12 weeks old. He had to call me and ask questions, wanted to know how I bred him, was so excited to get him, and paid quite a price, more than I've gotten for any cockerels so far. Didn't hurt that I had printed out a picture of his daddy for the store owner to tape onto the cage so people could see what he would grow up to be, LOL.

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