Blue Ameraucana Sex??? 6 1/2 weeks old.


8 Years
Feb 15, 2011
Apex, NC
Hi all! I have 3 blue Ameraucanas that I am trying to figure out. I've read it mentioned that the early ridges on the comb are a good indication of boys, but I am very confused by my little ones! They are 6 1/2 weeks old (so I know it's early yet) but just curious.

This one (kinda leaning towards girl) is taller than the other two by a good bit which I find strange. Her feathers came in very slowly, but you'll see are much further along than the other two!

Here's one of the other 2 - the other is a little smaller but otherwise looks VERY similar to this ?guy?

Little skinnyish legs, too. I know I should be patient, but hoped you experts may be able to help! Thanks!!!

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