Blue Ameraucana x Silver laced Wyandotte OR Blue Orpington x Silver laced Orpington

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    Which would you chose and why?

    I'm not doing anything yet as I'm still very much a newbie (prime example; would it ever be possible to breed the brown egg trait out and keep the lace in terms of the Ameraucana?), but I figured I would ask what you all think?

    Goal would be for a blue lace bird of course. I'm assuming the BA x SLW would end up being an easter egger and I would never get fluff+pattern+color+egg color consistently? I know with the splash Orpingtons, you can breed two splashes together and get 100% splashes in F1, would that be applicable (too good to be true right?)? Obviously the degree of lacing can vary (I think? it's not a set pattern is it?), so then you could just cull to your liking in terms of pattern and color?

    For laughs: I thought 'Orpington' was actually 'Orphington' for a solid two weeks. I think it sounds really dignified!

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