Blue and Black copper marans, an Olive eggers (BCM over Cream Legbar) San Francisco Bay Area


5 Years
Jan 28, 2014
Union City California
*** San Francisco Bay area *** Union City CA, just off 880
I will be hatching out Blue and Black copper Marans, an Olive eggers (BCM over Cream Legbar) every two weeks starting 2/18.

Two Olive eggers Pullets (hatched 2/18) These are sex linked so guaranteed to be pullets (BCM over Cream legbar hen) $20 each

Most recent clutch (7) BCM, Blue Copper Marans, and (10) Olive eggers (Sat March 3rd)

Day old BCM/Blue Copper Marans straight run $10. (I can take back Roos)
Day old Olive egger pullets $15.
Day old Olive egger Roos $5

I can also grow these Olive eggers to 6-9 weeks old. Pullets are $25 at 6 weeks and $35 at 9 weeks.

All chicks are vaccinated for Mareks and fed medicated feed. These are pictures of the Olive eggers.


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Hi Deborah
Do you have any Blue or Black copper marans hatching eggs for sale in the next few days? I'm looking for about a dozen.
Thank you very much!!!
Peter (username: Dara'ang)

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