Blue and self blue muscovy

I believe that I have a few hens and a drake that are blue pied that should lay in spring :) I am in North Idaho but can ship ... you can see pics of them on my "what sex are there - 2 month old pics pg 3" ... Let me know if you can't find it. Took a few more pics today - but haven't uploaded yet
I've got several blues/blue pieds as well. I get a lot every hatching season.
i should have blue muscovy hatching eggs available next year. along with white, duclair, white head, and barred chocolate. i'll post auctions when they start.
I have Self Blues but don't know if i will have them seperated for breeding next spring, or if i will sell eggs, all my girls colored in VERY light this year. Mine are also not solid, they are Pied & "freckled" (white spots on the chest).
Ok folks I know nothing about ducks was at feed strore this moring bought some chicks and two little ducklins with black beaks and feet and little pot knots on thier heads real cute the onlly reason I bought them . so with that brif descripion what breed are they
thanks Dennis
You might want to start a new thread to get more answers.

They are probably some sort of crested duck. Beware of neurological issues with crested ducks.

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