Blue Andalusian added to NY winters?


10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
where chickens dare to tread..
So we've always had hearty cold-weather breeds due to being in NYS. My older son, who is special needs, wanted a new chicken for his birthday. When we went to the breeder, she was so touched by him that she offered him any pullet in the coop, free as a gift. It was the sweetest thing. As soon as Thomas saw a blue Andalusian, he wanted her. He's been totally in love with her since. But I'm worried about winter. These aren't very cold-friendly birds, are they?

We have a playhouse coop. But it's not insulated. Should I be worried about the new girl? She seems so delicate compared to my BO's and EE's. And I heard their combs aren't so great for freezing temps. Anything I can do about that? I want to say I read putting vaseline on them prevents frostbite...

Any words of wisdom are appreciated. Thanks!!

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