Blue Andalusian - Roo or Pullet?


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9 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Assuming this is a Blue Andalusian chick - would you guess it is a pullet or a young rooster? We ordered all pullets and this chick was one of four free Rare Breed bonus chicks we received. The chick is now about 7 weeks old. I looked at a bunch of Blue Andalusian pullet pictures on line and many had fairly noticeable combs. What do you think Pullet or Roo???

Thank You!!


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
I have a 12 week old Blue andy just like yours and Ray's comb doesn't look like my two confirmed roo's do but he is bigger than the other two are i'm guessing Ray is a roo just because of his size but he doesn't really act like a roo or a hen just kinda hangs outs and sometimes picks on a younger one and has just started to sneak up on me and peck my boots it's almost like he/she is challenging me

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