Blue Andalusian rooster-Free in Southern Oregon

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  1. Gorgeous black rooster needs a new home. He is a Blue Andalusian I hatched from eggs I bought from a breeder with some lovely birds.
    Indigo is a great rooster. He is watchful and protective and always shares food with his ladies. He is a great protector and a strong survivor. He isn't quite a lap pet, but is not bothered too much by being handled. He is 2 years old and very healthy.
    He has one flaw that makes us unable to keep him, though. He cannot get along with other roosters. I am working on a breeding project that needs at least 2 other roosters (different body types and colors from him), and with him around they are not safe. I don't want any of my boys to spend their whole life penned up so it is only fair to give him a chance at a home where he can be happy.
    Usually we freezer camp our surplus roos, but Indigo, AKA Peep, was the only chick we managed to hatch in our incubator and we raised him in the house as a pet. He begged for scraps in the kitchen with the dog and the cat, and we all just got attached. We can't eat him, not that it would be worth it, he is not a meat breed and with his age it would not be a nice meal! We have tried everything, but we just can't keep him and work on my project without making him miserable.
    I would prefer not to ship him, but we can deliver or meet halfway within a reasonable driving distance. He is free in the hopes that I can find him a good home. He is an excellent flock guardian and is just so pretty, I am sure someone needs a rooster!

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