Blue barred cochin...anyone heard of them? ** Updated with PIC**

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Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
I have a pullet that I always thought was a blue until yesterday. She is at my daughter's house and I don't get to see them I noticed yesterday that her whole head and neck is barred that fades out to blue just about where her neck meets her body. I'll go out and get a photo today and post it.

Anyone ever heard of a blue barred cochin??
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I found a photo that was taken a couple of weeks ago. It does show the barring some...I'll get a better closeup today.

Don't know for sure, Asher. I purchased the eggs from a cochin breeder in Maryland and this egg was marked "B" for blue. Black ones were marked "BL"...she sent along a guide to the marked eggs. I don't believe there were any barred eggs, but can't really remember.

This baby was the one that I posted photos of her sleeping on top of the moose beanie babie. She also had something rip the skin off the side of her neck and was in ICU at my house for about 2 weeks. I thought she might give it up...but here she is!!

I have a lovely barred bantam cochin roo that I got about 6 weeks ago from Mississippi. I think I'll breed her to him when she is old enough and see what we get!!
I do think barred blue would be lovely! Maybe contact the breeder and see if it was possible the blue hen was cheating on her roo?

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